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How Does A Bail Bond Work?

A bail amount is set by the local court after an arrest. If you do not have the entire amount of the bail, simply call All Out Bail Bonds in Fort Myers at 239-337-7717 or Punta Gorda at 941-833-2245.

When you have 10% of the bail amount ($100 minimum) we will contract with you to pay 100% of the bond to the court for you. This is our fee for providing our services.

All bail bonds service providers are required to charge the set fee of 10% of the bail amount and cannot be negotiated.

Your friend or relative is released from jail within 1 to 6 hours!

If your friend or relative who was bailed out does not show up for any scheduled court proceeding involving their case, then you are responsible for repaying the entire bail amount.

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